Getting up to speed with Advanced Collaboration Architecture

Not content with just Cisco Select Partner status, we’ve been back to the books, courses, and e-learning sites to take things a lot further!

We are now aiming for the Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization, a major step up, and has needed four of us to study and take the latest collaboration tech exams. Ross P is tackling the account manager requirements, while Graham and James have filled the Field and Systems Engineer roles. Furthermore, Ross H and James are validating their skills in supporting technology, including virtualized unified communications, contact center, and WebEx conferencing.

Since completion of the program will give us the right to incorporate the latest Cisco Collaboration systems in our customers’ networks, we’re all looking forward to passing on the benefits. It’s  a fairly long road, but at last count we’ve got 3 exams to go, out of a required 10 – keep going guys!

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